29 July 2021


Based on studies by the Research & Development division of Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari Spa, MILK COT is a combination of organic cotton (50%) and milk fibre (50%). The result of this pairing is a one-of-a-kind product that will be proposed in the 2022/23 autumn/winter collection. It is pleasant in contact with the skin, has a soft and silky hand, is intrinsically light and bright, and gives the sensation that it nourishes and hydrates the skin. 

MILK COT has sustainability in its DNA thanks to the presence of GOTS certified organic cotton. The addition of milk fibre gives it its most significant features: hypoallergenic, breathable and temperature-regulating, with high antibacterial/bacteriostatic power (83.3%), as confirmed by a study conducted by the “Silk Experimental Station”.

These benefits come from exploiting the virtues of milk casein, which is separated from whey in a controlled process, after which it is denatured and a range of amino acids are extracted to be added to an extrudable viscose solution. This is then extruded to create the milk fibre. Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari has produced a range of  both pure and mixed yarns based on this fine raw material – MILK COT (50% organic cotton and 50% milk fibre), MILK TENCEL MICRO (60% TENCEL™ Lyocell micro and 40% milk fibre) – which feature very high quality, great comfort in contact with the skin, ease of wearability and significant performance. They are perfect for making underwear, t-shirts and women's clothing.

MILK COT”, explains Matteo Felli, CEO of Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari Spa, “is a modern fibre, because the combination of biological cotton and milk fibre meets the needs of contemporary people looking for products that are made with care, without compromising comfort, well-being and performance. And all without neglecting environmental impact”.

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