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Fine yarns: fine and extra-fine yarns such as cashmere, silk and flax

This category covers fine and extra-fine yarns made from high-quality noble fibres, including mixtures.

The finest and longest cashmere, silk, linen, merino wool, alpaca and camel fibres have been carefully selected for the production of these yarns.

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Making quality clothing starts with choosing the yarn.

The various subspecies of sheep, goats and camelids provide fleeces from which the fine yarns used in quality textile manufacturing can be obtained.

The best species of long-fibre cotton, with high fineness and sheen and a significant degree of whiteness, can be used to make superior garments and accessories.

All this can be enriched by selecting the best extra-fine linen and silk fibres, both considered to be among the oldest noble raw materials for textiles.

Filati pregiati - Olcese Ferrari

Composition of fine yarns

Olcese Ferrari's fine yarns are made from carefully selected raw materials.

These include fine and extra-fine flax, cashmere, merino wool, alpaca and camel fibres, as well as cottons with extra-long fibres and the best fine silk fibres.

Fine yarns may be composed of a single material or blends of noble fibres capable of giving garments a sophisticated, elegant appearance.

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