Filati biologici - Olcese Ferrari

Natural, chemical-free organic yarns

Organic yarns are made of natural fibres from farms and breeders that observe organic farming standards (the same as those applied in the food sector) in order to increasingly support responsible and sustainable development.

Organic farming and breeding means eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals such as pesticides, fertilisers and synthetic herbicides, and using alternative natural methods.

Hand in hand with sustainable farming

Restrictions on the use of chemicals are not the only criteria that define organic yarns.

In fact, importance has to be given to traceability throughout the production process and respect for environmental and social criteria in all stages of the production chain, from gathering natural fibres in the field to the subsequent manufacturing stages.

Filati biologici - Olcese Ferrari

Applications of natural organic yarns

Organic yarns can be used to make hypoallergenic garments suitable for those suffering from dermatitis and skin problems.

The growing demand for sustainable and traceable products has made organic yarns currently very popular. Not only cotton, but also flax, hemp and wool, either pure or mixed together, fall into this category.

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