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Recycled, natural and organic fibres

Sustainable yarns are produced by selecting specific raw materials that reduce environmental and social impact.

This category includes yarns made from recycled, natural and organic fibres, mixed for eco-design purposes and obtained or made in accordance with specific sustainability standards.

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Sustainable yarns include products made from natural, artificial fibres, but also synthetic fibres that have a low environmental and social impact and are made in accordance with strict quality standards. Natural fibres such as organic cotton, flax and hemp therefore fall into this category.

Artificial fibres such as TENCEL™ Lyocell, TENCEL™ Modal, SeaCell™ and Refibra™, which are all made using a patented closed-loop process, are also among the raw materials used for making sustainable yarns

Finally, biosynthetic materials such as Sorona® polyester, made partly from maize, and Amni® Soul Eco biodegradable polyamide can be mixed with other ecological fibres, resulting in innovative high-performance green yarns.

Filati sostenibilità - Olcese Ferrari

Focus on eco-design

Sustainable yarns are made from recycled, natural and organic fibres obtained or made in accordance with specific standards and possibly mixed for eco-design purposes.

This important aspect means that the products placed on the market biodegrade faster or can be recycled more easily at the end of their life cycle.

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