Filati mercerizzati

Mercerised yarns made from cotton and other raw materials: a process for artisan products

Mercerisation is a physical and chemical treatment that alters the structure of cellulose fibres, mainly of cotton and less often of flax and hemp. It compacts the fibres, making them more uniform and regular, which improves the yarn performance in the subsequent weaving stages and increases dye affinity.

Mercerised yarns have greater sheen, hygroscopicity and dye affinity.

Among the mercerised yarns, Filoscozia® is worthy of mention. It is an extraordinarily versatile yarn, made exclusively from noble varieties of cotton with long fibres. Filoscozia® is a quality mark protected since 1982, mainly made of GIZA cotton from Egypt, while a smaller proportion is made of PIMA cotton from Sudan and Peru.

Mercerised yarns: qualities and properties

Mercerised yarns made from cotton and other raw materials have greater sheen as well as excellent antibacterial and anallergic qualities.

A greater number of the micro pores in the fibre make mercerised yarns more hygroscopic, giving them excellent transpiration absorbing and dispersing capacity.

Filati mercerizzati - Olcese Ferrari

Mercerised yarns: which cottons guarantee the highest yield?

Mercerised cotton yarns offer other significant benefits.

In fact, the crystalline structure alignment in the fibre increases its elasticity and resistance, which benefits the hand and durability of garments.

It is important to emphasise that not all cottons are suitable for this type of treatment: fine cottons such as Egyptian Makò and Caribbean Sea Island give the best results, reaching a high degree of sheen.

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