Filati naturali - Olcese Ferrari

Natural yarns, including silk and flax

Olcese Ferrari's natural yarns come from fibres commonly found in nature. These fibres may be of vegetable origin such as cotton, hemp and flax, of animal origin such as wool, alpaca and cashmere, or of mineral origin such as silver.

Natural yarns may be composed of a single raw material or blends of different fibres capable of contributing unique qualities to the final product.

Continuous innovation for high quality standards

Between the 1930s and 1940s, the spread of low-cost, high-performance synthetic fibres caused the demand for natural yarns to decline significantly.

This stimulated many textile companies to study and develop new alternatives.

As a result, natural yarns are now produced in increasingly innovative ways, with unique mechanical features and properties that are often comparable to those of synthetic yarns.

Filati naturali - Olcese Ferrari

Primary focus on the sustainability of yarns

Another important benefit of natural yarns is that it comes from renewable sources.

Moreover, correct selection of traceable, certified raw materials means they can be used to make safe products that comply with the strictest environmental and social sustainability standards.

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