06 September 2022

ECHOS, OLCESE FERRARI's new brand that brings together all the sustainable items in its collection.

ECHOS is the union of different, yet identifying words and concepts that tell the attitudes of the company, which is projected toward a sustainable future with its historical and cultural background.

Ethos is in fact a Greek word whose meaning was originally "the place to live." From the same Greek root comes ethikos meaning "theory of living," from which the modern term ethics derives. A fundamental aspect for the company, as all its behavior follows principles and values that respect people and the environment.

Eco- on the other hand comes from the Greek ôikos "dwelling" and means "environment in which one lives" in words such as ecology and ecosystem.

Finally, in ECHOS the appeal to concepts related to sustainability is married with something strongly evocative, namely echo understood as resonance.

For more information, OLCESE FERRARI looks forward to seeing you at its stand E18 at the 58th edition of FILO Milan, September 14-15, 2022.

Click here to watch the brief interview of the company for ILoveFilo.